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Helllo, I'm Tera!

Watch this video to learn a tool that helps you become a smarter, healthier version of yourself giving you confidence! 

Processing your emotion is a key element to connecting not only in relationship, but with yourself.

I am going to teach you our proven tool to regulate emotions & get more connected.

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The Core Emotion Wheel

Go through each emotion and journal or say outloud the most recent time you felt that emotion. 

By doing this practice every day it will help you identify your emotions as they happen so you can process in the moment.

Doing this activity literally changes your brain chemistry allowing you to find more peace, clarity, & guidance. 

If you want to connect deeper with your partner or kids, there are rules to how to use this wheel so you can experience connection & not create more damage. 

Personally, I have used it with my husband & kids for the past two years and it has completely changed the dynamics in our home. I pretty much never fight with my husband anymore & my kids share with me things I never thought they would.

This has changed my life. 

Click here for the instructions on how to use this wheel with your partner to conquer conflict and connect.

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