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How to create peace with your child...

Introducing Connected Parenting -
a masterclass to give you peace and a lasting connection with your kids.

even if you are pulling your hair out everyday.

Do you feel depleted because you don't have the relationship you want with your child?

Are you exhausted at the end of the day, but unable to sleep because you are replaying a moment you had in your head?

Do you struggle with punishment because nothing seems to work and it leaves you feeling like a failure?

Are you worried that your child may be experiencing anxiety, depression, or suffering silently? 
You aren't alone & we are here to help.
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As parents we want our kids to experience healthy lives filled with connection and clarity.

But, this isn't a new parental goal.

This is what parents have wanted for their kids for generations... unfortunately, it isn't the life many of us have experienced.

Our parents had good intentions- they just needed better tools.  

What if you had these tools?





Our research proves that we are coded for emotional connection.

We teach you the science behind what is happening in your child's brain so you can understand how to help them.

Don't worry- it is SO much more interesting and easy than what you learned in high school.

As adults, many of us don't "do" emotions because we weren't taught how. So they come out extra messy

& loud. 

Teaching our kids tools early on will give them skills to process and regulate their emotions with a lot less mess.

This masterclass will transform how you see your kids behavior & give YOU the tools to help them through it.

And it will give them the language to verbalize how they feel.

This will give you more peace and energy at the end of the day. 


The Connection Codes have transformed our marriage, our parenting and all our relationships. These tools have given us what we need to maintain healthy connections with our teenagers and pass on the ability to communicate and connect deeply. We use the Connection Codes every day without exception.

Leslie Biehn, Stratford Ontario

Did you know Processing emotion...

Lowers cortisol which
strengthens immune system, 

regulates blood sugar, and lowers stress leading to better sleep.

Yes, your kids can literally be healthier.
Frees up brain space which leads to better focus & mental clarity.

Yup, this helps in school. We aren't promising straight A's but your kid can have better ability to retain what they are learning.
Teaches your kids that emotions change quickly. This helps combat mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

This means they can be more equipped when their emotions feel really big in their body.
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Don't miss that


This can change everything for your kids. 

(and you...)

We’ve spent a small fortune on marriage and family counseling and have never made so much progress so quickly.

So simple, implementable and powerful!

Thank you!!


-The Kohlers, Zurich Switzerland

This is

Parenting Connected

You want your kids to thrive. 

But, you find yourself questioning if you are doing the right things. These leaves you feeling like a failure and questioning yourself.

Starting today, you can...

Understand what the tantrum is ACTUALLY about so you can get to the other side more effectively.

End the moments of miscommunication by sharing a language designed to conquer conflict.

Open the door of support with your teen as they are going through one of their most pivotal stages. Let them know YOU are the person to lean on.

Rebuild lost connections with your adult children.

End generational trauma

This course is designed for the parent who wants a lifetime of deep connection.

It was designed for you.

What's Included?

Module One

You will learn the number one fundamental need your child has & how to make sure you are the person giving it to them.

Module Three

How to use emotions the way they are intended to be used in our bodies and what happens when we don't.

Module Two

We resist our child's energy all the time unintentionally. This module teaches how to follow it so they feel seen in your relationship.

Module four

You learn the 8 core emotions. Your kids often many not even know what they are feeling, which leaves them overhwlemed. 

Module Five

You learn our proven tool for conquering conflict and processing emotion. 

Module seven

You will learn how to recognize when intense emotion is coming, and what to do to help process it early... before it blows up.

Module six

Now that you have learned what emotions are there & how to process. You will learn how to use them to actually connect.

Module Eight

You will learn how you become a wolf to your kids without realizing it & what reaction that creates. Now, you can see it before it even begins and stop it before it turns into a cycle.

"We have so many emotions in our house... I am not sure I can handle any more. I don't want my kids to be weak."

Our society often views emotional reactions as weak because they haven't been taught how to process them.

Processing our emotions gives us the opportunity to work through what exactly is happening to us while creating a safe space for each other.

Our proven tool has been known to conquer conflict in just 4 minutes. 

All while giving us incredible benefits that make us anything but weak.


Every emotion is an opportunity to connect. 

We going to teach you how

Because every family is different....

We have bonuses just for you.
Bedtime Battles
Anxiety and Depression
Adoptive and Foster Families
Single Parenting
Slicing it thinner
Connecting with Teens
Disorders of the Psyche
Outside Stressors causing Dysregulation
Affects of Unprocessed Emotion on the Body

The Connection Codes have truly changed our lives- we use the tools every day! It has been absolutely beautiful and amazing to see how much stronger our connection with each other and our kids has become.

-Seth and Lauren Dahl, Austin TX

Don't wait another day...

When you enroll TODAY, you will get your log-in to your private member portal. 

This is where you will download worksheets, go through each module, and work through the experience assignments.

Most nights you will have your experience complete in less than 30 minutes. 

That is shorter than your favorite sitcom. So you will still have plenty of time to unwind...

This course is the equivalent of 12 therapy sessions with Dr Glenn & Phyllis... and for a fraction of the cost.

Your kids deserve to have the tools that will help them communicate throughout life while experiencing connection knowing their parents are on their team.

And you deserve to gain the a deeper understanding of yourself so you, too, can live a happier, healthier life. (They won't be the only ones getting those health benefits 😉)

Enroll today to give your kids the tools to experience connection and peace

Get Lifetime Access for only 


Parening Anchor

Meet the Experts

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 2_edited_edited.png

Echo Hill Vetter

Dr Glenn Hill


Phyllis Hill

Certified Trauma informed coach

Mom of 5


Co-Creator of The Wildish Retreats

Marriage and Family Therapist

Clinical Sexologist

Creator of the Connection Codes

Over 10 years of research in human connection

Marriage & Family Coach

Mom of 4, Grandmother of 11

Discoverer of the Connection Codes

2x Author

You've got questions?

We've got answers.

What if I don't think my partner will go through with me?

While we do have a masterclass specifically for couples, this class is designed for your kids. It does help for both partners to be on the same page for their kids, but the goal is for your kids to experience emotional safety and build trust.

You can go through this course solo & gain all the tools to give your kids that type of support.

Our promise:


We are dedicated to the mission of helping humans around the world live connected. If you complete the course to 100% completion and decide the Connection Codes isn't offering the support you need. We will give you a full refund within 40 days of purchase.

Keep in mind- our goal is connection. Not to rid you of your toddler's tantrum. This course will bring peace to you and a language to them when used consistently. 

We know implementing these tools takes time. And we hope you choose to practice daily to see the completely transformation.

Get Lifetime Access for only 


You need this. You deserve this. Let's do this.

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