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Core Emotion Wheel

Ease mental load through processing emotion using a quick, simple tool

The Core Emotion Wheel is our proven tool for conquering conflict in relationships through processing emotions.

Dr Glenn spent years researching this tool with hundreds of couples (now thousands are using it 🤯).


During those years, not only did he perfect the instructions on how to use the tool correctly, he witnessed transformation after transformation.

Scroll down to watch the video on why this is such an effective tool & how to use it.


Click to download your own wheel-- we recommend printing several and hanging them around your home 😉 

Lets get started!

Download the Core Emotion Wheel and instructions below, and be sure to watch the video demo.


We recommend you and your partner do the Wheel every day to stay deeply connected.

If you feel hesitant to dive into the experience with your partner or friend, start out doing it with yourself. We hear from people often who say that processing while journalling, exercising, or at their desk when they realize they are struggling with focus or completing a task.

This moment for your brain to pause and identify what is causing your reactions will change everything about how you show up with your kids, employees, spouse... 

It will allow you to connect with yourself so you can connect with others.

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