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Take the quiz to uncover tips on how to improve trouble spots in your marriage and gain better communication skills. 

Brought to you from the founders of the Connection Codes, family & marriage therapist & clinical sexologist, Dr Glenn & Phyllis Hill. 

Dr Glenn & Phyllis have spent the last decade researching what causes couples to disconnect- so they can then find what causes them to connect. They have helped thousands of couples conquer conflict using their 4 minute tool.

Couples that had filed for divorce.

Couples that hated being in the same room with each other.

Couples that were just living simultaneously together.

They know that spotting the warning signs and getting help early is the key to a lasting marriage. They are here to support couples experience the relationship they long for. And, their tools are proved to guide couples to deep connection.


Hailey, Nashville, TN

This material is life changing! Practical Tools to use every day. Highly recommend it for any person or relationship

Romantic Couple

Melissa, Austin, TX

This has literally saved  my marriage, saved my work relationship, saved my relationship with my children and moved me to a management position because I was able to learn how to communicate correctly.

This is more than a game changer but it's a life changer.

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