"A deep dive into the adventure of connecting in your marriage."
September 8-11th
Franklin, TN

A 3 day experience with Dr Glenn and Phyllis designed to do a 180 in your relationship. This  weekend can change

everything for your marriage.

We’ve spent a small fortune on marriage and family counseling and have never made so much progress so quickly. So simple, implementable and powerful! Thank you!!
-The Kohlers, Zurich Switzerland


This Experience Includes:

  • Lodging for 3 nights

  • Meals with Dr Glenn and Phyllis

  • Morning and afternoon sessions

  • Experience assignments and enactments

  • Afternoon walk/hike

  • Access to all CC Masterclasses


All sessions will be held at the Hill's property!

Have you been experiencing disconnect for so long you don't know how to start a connected life and relationship?


Or maybe you are feeling fear that your marriage is hopeless and you and your spouse are heading towards divorce.

We understand your pain...we've been there.


This weekend you will learn: 

  • Ways to speak to one another

  • how to slow down conflicts

  • how to present your emotion

  • how to hear your spouse's emotion clearly

This weekend is all about you experiencing the healing you crave. 


Intensive Weekend

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"I was lucky enough to go to a weekend with Dr. Glenn and his wife. This has literally saved
My marriage. Saved work relationship. Saved relationship with my children and moved me to a management position at work because I was able to learn how to communicate correctly. This is more than a game changer but it is a life changer."

- Melissa