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Learn how being emotionally connected creates sexual intimacy 

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Learn what is holding you back from exciting sex
Get tips on how to add extra spice
Find out how to stop fighting over sex and get connected
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"Late Night has been so so great for my husband and I. Not only has it transformed our sex life it has given us a deeper connection in intimacy. I don’t think I realized how much of a box I had put sex into. Years and years of “bad” and “unclear”theology around sex and who it was designed for and how it should look like left me feeling like sex wasn’t fun or enjoyable. Late nights has opened my eyes to what a marriage should really look like sexually and has opened doors for us to have a platform in which we can communicate our wants needs and desires. It has been so refreshing to have so much freedom in our bedroom . The skies the limit all thanks to late nights." 


- Jeff and Madeline Thompson

 Outer Banks, NC

Meet your instructors, Dr Glenn and Phyllis Hill.


With decades of research, Dr Glenn and Phyllis have discovered what causes couples to connect.

This course is a revolutionary presentation of sexuality. Dr Glenn and Phyllis share their own story of pain and healing. Dr Glenn shares his expertise as a sexologist with years of study and sex therapy experience. They discuss the science of sex and how it relates to emotion and connection.

Thousands of people are already utilizing this skills and seeing incredible results. We want you to join in to experience a life of deep connection .

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