8 Self-Care Practices to Help You Thrive

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Each season of life brings its own specific joys and challenges. And each of those seasons require two things: good tools and consistent self-care. I’ve found the following rituals to be helpful in maintaining a relative amount of peace and balance in my heart and therefore our home. I hope you will find they do the same for you.

1 | Sleep

Our mind and body heal and recharge while we sleep. So it is no wonder sleep deprivation causes such chaos for our mental and physical health. Find the magic number of hours your Being needs to slumber and move heaven and earth to meet that need.

2 | Touch

Hug someone for whom you feel gratitude. Sit hip to hip with your partner. Kiss your children’s foreheads. We are biologically wired for affection. Reach out and touch the ones you love.

3| Conversation

Find someone trustworthy, someone who will listen without judgement or interruption. Speak your truth to them. Tell them your stories. Offer to do the same for them. Our hearts must be heard, validated and know belonging in order to thrive. Find that one person to be in your corner. Search far and wide if you must. Speak, listen, speak.

4 | Laughter

We grownups take ourselves so seriously. We carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Lean into childlike wonder, curiosity and amusement sometimes. Watch funny movies, attend a comedy show, or read a funny book. Spend time with friends who make you laugh. Laughter improves our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Find the people and the things that make you laugh with abandon. Stay close to them.

5 | Writing

Stream of consciousness writing improves our cognizance, our mood, and, (surprisingly) according to studies, our physical health. Get a notebook and make it a habit to write one to three pages most days of the week.

6 | Removal

Our lives feel more improved by removing something negative than by adding something positive. Make a list of the top five stressors in your life. Remove one. Reevaluate. Remove another one. Do this often.

7 | Gratitude

Gratitude is a practice, not an attitude. Gratitude is so closely related to joy, it may be impossible to have one without the other. Speak or write or meditate on the things for which you are grateful. Think of gratitude as the discipline and joy as the reward.

8 | Change

Know that it is okay to change your mind, your house, or your beliefs. If you have outgrown your old mindset, your house, your habits, then change them. Change is scary but sometimes it’s the only way to find peace. Does your narrative provide peace and serve you and your family well? If not, give yourself permission to let go of the old and reach for the new.

These rituals, when I remember to implement them, always improve my mood and my moments. I hope they do the same for you.

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