Join us in March for the Connection Codes Parenting Webinar!

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The Connection Codes for Parents are the blueprint of how parents and children connect and communicate, as well as a set of tools for making that happen.

The Connection Codes for Parents is presented by Dr Glenn and Phyllis and their oldest daughter Echo in a four week webinar series. This series builds off of Connection Codes Foundations with science based parenting tools and personal parenting stories.

Experience Assignments are included in each segment to make sure you implement the tools. You can remain anonymous or actively participate in a live chat stream. There is also a question and answer session at the end of each episode.


Week 1 includes:

The most common mistake parents make when trying to meet their child’s most important need.

The coding that causes a child to withdraw from relationships.

What to say and do to keep the parent/child lines of communication open.

The science behind tantrums and other “bad behavior” and how to get ahead of both.

What to ask to get your child to open up and talk to you.


Week 2 includes:

One basic human right we commonly punish (with good intentions).

How to reframe emotion to nurture health and connection.

How to process emotion and empower your child to make beneficial choices.

The science behind mean statements, lack of focus, lashing out, slamming doors, etc. and how to minimize each.

What happens in the brain when our children experience pain.


Week 3 includes:

How to communicate in a way your child can hear and how to teach them to do the same.

How to create safety so your child can talk to you about what they are experiencing.

The health crisis in our modern world more damaging than cigarettes.

How to improve sibling rivalry, bedtime battles, dinnertime stress, teenage depression and anxiety, and parental burnout.

What is happening in the brain when a stressor is present and calming rituals for when you or your child are triggered by a stressor.


Week 4 includes:

Breaking generational curses.

Raising emotionally intelligent children- how to do it and how this will benefit you and them.

One daily habit that will connect you to your child and bolster the whole family’s immune system.

The science of psychological disorders and how to move forward if you or your child have been diagnosed.

How to use co-regulation to gain energy, time and an atmosphere of teamship.

Why our children need touch.


Join us in March for Connection Codes for Parents!

You need this.

You deserve this.

Let’s do this!

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