What Are the Connection Codes?

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The Connection Codes are the blueprint of how humans connect in relationship, as well as a set of tools for making that connection happen.

The Connection Codes were founded by Dr Glenn and Phyllis Hill and initially grew out of the pain and struggle in their own relationship. Protocols were then developed for clients in Dr Hill’s marriage and family therapy private practice. As these clients experienced healing and connection as well, the need became obvious for the Connection Codes to be made available for everyone everywhere!

These concepts and tools are now presented by Dr Glenn and Phyllis in “The Connection Codes Foundations,” a four week webinar series filled with extensive scientific research as well as authentic personal stories.

Experience Assignments are included in each segment to make sure you implement the tools. You can remain anonymous or actively participate in a live chat stream. There is also a question and answer session at the end of each episode.

Week 1 includes:

The #1 fundamental, foundational, most pressing human need.

Relational absence is worse than geographical absence.

We are coded to move toward kindness and away from unkindness.

Disregarding a person’s experience disregards the person.

We must feel heard; if not we get louder and louder but eventually give up.

Why versus what happens.

Week 2 includes:

Emotion is a fundamental human right.

Emotion serves a purpose.

Emotion happens to you; you are responsible for your next action.

Intense emotion shuts down cognition; unprocessed emotion hinders cognition.

The brain doesn’t distinguish physical and emotional pain.

Week 3 includes:

Communicate the emotion, not through the emotion.

Vulnerability invites safety; safety invites vulnerability.

Loneliness is more damaging to health than cigarettes.

Every interaction has a cycle. The goal is to keep the cycle from becoming a cyclone.

When there is a stressor, the brain messages, “Danger! Beware!”

Week 4 includes:

The crippling damage of psycholation.

Unprocessed emotion compromises the immune system.

Unprocessed emotion facilitates debilitating illnesses and psychological disorders.

Psychological disorders exist on a spectrum, not in a category.

Co-regulation uses 80% less energy than self regulation.

Compassionate touch makes our cells healthier and is reciprocal with connection.


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