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The Connection Codes

This course teaches the PROVEN, 4-minute tool that will give you the language to...

Conquer conflict in marriage

Boost your immune system

Find safety in intimacy

Be the best version of yourself

Build mental clarity

Create a marriage and life you love

How do the Connection Codes
Change your life?





Over a decade of research in human connection formed a curriculum enriched in science & facts.The research proves it works.  

If you have ever felt "You don't listen to me." or "You don't see me." or "I can't even get a word in." 


This course is for you. And we will show you scientifically what is happening in your brain.

We fight because we think we are angry or hurt. But it may be because we feel fear, or shame... Learn to identify each emotion so you can convey it in a way that connects. 

Don't worry- it is more simple than it sounds. Even for those of you thinking "I don't like to talk about emotions."

This course is the equivalent of 8 therapy sessions--- but you will walk away with new skills and tools to implement and watch your relationship change.

No more hour long fights. Conquer Conflict in as soon as 4 minutes.

Yes, it is possible.

EXPLORE THE masterclass

I would say the biggest breakthrough from this experience has been the changes I’ve seen in my husband as he is able to express feelings more freely to me because I now know how to make sure he feels heard, and he can talk to me about everything now.

Everyone needs the Connection Codes, it opens up a whole new world of intimacy and connection we never knew existed!

                                                                                                                         – Jalila Hudson


We marry on purpose.

At one point you felt like your partner was the best thing that happened to you.


You never intended to fall off course. 

We don't need
better intentions,

we need better tools

Dr Glenn & Phyllis Hill



We know your pain all too well...

We FOUGHT constantly and would give each other the SILENT treatment all. the. time.

We were hopeless but KNEW there had to be a better way. 

Glenn went back to school and became a marriage & family therapist and a Doctor of Sexology. He spent over a decade researching human connection.

What caused us to fight so much?

This is where the Connection Codes were birthed. We found the source of the fight. We flipped it upside down. And now we have helped thousands end the cycle, communicate better, and grow in their intimacy with each other. 

Out of our pain, a new way of life began for us and now for thousands of other couples all over the globe.

Meet your instructors:

Dr Glenn & Phyllis Hill

What could happen if you lived in peace in your marriage?

You could have more energy to reach your goals at work.

You could create a home filled with emotional safety for your kids.

You could have the sex life you crave.

You could go into stressful situations with confidence that it wouldn't end in a big blowup.


The Connection Codes Foundations

We have taken 8 weeks of our marriage therapy sessions and put it in an online video format so you can learn these tools - anytime, anywhere, for a fraction of the price.

We are teaching our signature tool designed to conquer conflict and facilitate connection in just 4 minutes a day.

But there is so much more you need to know.

Which is why we have formatted a decade of research into just 8 modules designed to be consumed 2 nights per week. This means in just one month you could see a complete transformation in your marriage

Traditionally, getting help in your marriage would cost thousands of dollars and time away from work or family. But we have made it so you can access it here, now, at your fingertips. No waiting to book your appointment.

You just need to show up ready for your mind to be blown.

Each module will leave you thinking-

Wow, I finally understand what I need and what my partner needs so

we can communicate without it ending in tears.


And you can do it for a fraction of the time and money spent in marriage therapy.

Don't put off connecting. This course is designed to help couples whether they are...

newly married and wanting a strong foundation

wanting to level up

living like roommates and living in constant disconnect

It was designed for you.

We’ve spent a small fortune on marriage and family counseling and have never made so much progress so quickly. So simple, implementable and powerful!

Thank you!!


-The Kohlers, Zurich Switzerland