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3 Steps to Peace in Your Marriage

Step into lasting connection + fulfillment by learning the science-based tools to

end miscommunication and arguments. 


Get access to the FREE 60-minute training hundreds of couples are raving about worldwide.

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In just 60 minutes you will learn these strategies:

How to communicate based on the brain science of connection

You were born knowing this but were retrained along the way. Dr Glenn teaches how to get back to your original design to live at peace within yourself.

Learn the magical 5 words to immediately end conflict

You feel like your arguments are always about money, sex, or chores. These 5 words will help you get to the root of your underlying needs and fears so that you and your spouse will feel seen and heard.

The key to ultimate connection and intimacy in just 4 minutes per day

We will teach you the science-based tool to identify the root cause of your conflict so you can experience more intimacy and fulfillment with each other.  

Imagine waking up with joy. Imagine feeling seen and heard. Imagine connection.

Stacy Brady

After a good deal of resistance from my husband, he agreed to give Connection Codes a chance. What has happened since then is nothing short of phenomenal. For months, nightly we do the core emotion wheel and our intimacy (on all fronts) has increased. We regularly share Connection Codes with friends & acquaintances as it continues to be the most impactful tool either of us have ever used. We can’t recommend it enough!! 

Jamie B.

Connection Codes has been a life saver for my partner and I as we navigate our communication styles and recognize the differences in communication from our upbringing. My family largely communicated logistically, and his seem like natural connection coders. Needless to say, that caused quite a bit of friction! Learning the connection codes opened my eyes to how to really be present and empathetic with another human being and validate their experiences rather than trying to tell them the “reality” of the situation.

Blake Jones

First off I would like to say thank you for your incredible gift to the world in the form of Connection Codes. It has completely altered and reversed the course of our marriage and to be honest the way I process emotions and the way I verbally communicate my feelings. We were both treading water and had run out of energy. We both tried to meet each other and be good spouses and be supportive but it just wasn’t going anywhere.

Enter Connection Codes- thank you for all you’ve put out in the world, it’s transformed my life and my marriage for the betterment of my family!

Meet your instructor, Tera Wages.


The tools of the Connection Codes changed Tera's life so much that she approached the founders, Dr Glenn & Phyllis Hill about taking their education out of their private therapy practice and putting them out into the world.

Now, she is the CEO and is passionate about sharing the impact of using these tools to get unstuck in your relationships and reach your goals.

She will share the greatest lessons that have changed everything. And her husband, Wes, will join to show how to use the Connection Codes tools.

Stop fighting.
Start connecting.

watch the free training now.

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