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Raising kids is tough

Join a free webinar lead by Dr Glenn & Phyllis Hill 

Teach your kids THIS tool so they can communicate better without yelling.

"How do we stop the yelling?"
"They don't even know why they are crying."
"What is going on in their heads?"
"What have I done wrong?"
"My child doesn't even like me."

These thoughts & questions have gone through parents minds hundreds (ok, thousands) of times.


Dr Glenn and Phyllis Hill

we are

Founders of the Connection Codes. We help humans connect. Yes, even those small ones that are throwing tantrums in Target... AND those hormonal ones that leave you guessing what mood they will wake up in next. 💥

Marriage and Family therapy is our expertise. But, it is our proven tool that is changing lives all over the world. We want to teach you this tool so you can stop the yelling & start connecting in your home. 


These tools have given us what we needed to maintain healthy connections with our teenagers. I love the teen years. What incredible opportunities to pass onto them the ability to communicate and understand emotions.

Trevor + Leslie Beihn


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Conflict Resolution


We will teach our proven tool that helps conquer conflict in just 4 minutes



Your kids will learn the words to communicate what is happening to them instead of yelling about logistics

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Your child will be able to share with you about their day without feeling overwhelmed by the emotion of it.

August 30th


Webinar will be recorded for playback for anyone who signs up.

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Can I watch it later?

While there will be a live give away, that you don't want to miss, you can watch the recording the next day. It will be available for one week after the recording. 

Stop the yelling.
Start connecting.

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