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3 Steps to Stop Fighting and Have Better Sex in 2023

January 10th : 8pm CT

Find out what is causing your miscommunications & biggest fights
Learn what is holding you back from exciting sex
Learn the tool that will connect you quickly 
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After a good deal of resistance from my husband, he agreed to give Connection code a chance. What has happened since then is nothing short of phenomenal. For months, nightly we do the core emotion wheel and our intimacy (on all fronts) has increased. We regularly share connection codes with friends & acquaintances as it continues to be the most impactful tool either of us have ever used. We can’t recommend it enough!! 

-Stacy Brady

Meet your instructors, Dr Glenn and Phyllis Hill.


With decades of research, Dr Glenn and Phyllis have discovered what causes couples to connect.

This course is a revolutionary presentation of sexuality. Dr Glenn and Phyllis share their own story of pain and healing. Dr Glenn shares his expertise as a sexologist with years of study and sex therapy experience. They discuss the science of sex and how it relates to emotion and connection.

Thousands of people are already utilizing this skills and seeing incredible results. We want you to join in to experience a life of deep connection .

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