Girl’s Night with Phyllis, Echo & Friends

Join Phyllis, Echo & Friends for Girl's Night: A Heart to Heart About Identity, Emotion & Sexuality.

Webinar Overview

Join Dr. Glenn and Phyllis Hill as they present Connection Codes Foundations, the blueprint and tools for connecting deeply in relationships. They’ll share science and personal stories in leading you to create the connections you crave. They will also cover how to powerfully improve your mental, emotional and physical health! This Zoom webinar covers the Connection Codes foundation, which is the material covered in 6 private sessions ($1200 value).

What you’ll learn

Putting the kids to bed without them getting out multiple times each night

Seeing your spouse look at you like they did when you first met

Being on the same page with parenting and your marriage

Having time again for date nights

Having a more intimate and fun time in the bedroom

A home that feels peaceful without the stress and strife





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