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The Guide to Human Connection
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Core Emotion

Download our FREE tool to:

  • End cycles arguments in just 4 minutes

  • Gain clarity, energy, and focus in your day... so you can spend time doing what actually matters

  • Connect deeply in relationships... no more guessing what your partner is thinking

  • Immediately regulate emotions and learn to communicate effectively... no experience required

Janet Rose

 I don't think we've ever felt this close to each other! 

I am just full of JOY over what's happening in our marriage that  I had to write to you and say thank you for doing what you do, IT MATTERS more than I can express!!


Some time ago, I began practicing the core emotion wheel while doing sun salutations in yoga class. It was an accidental beginning— your podcast was on my mind while my body was in class. I just put the two together and it immediately helped.


I now do 8 sun salutations every day after work- and through each one I go through the core emotions I experienced that day (one sun salutation for each emotion). Moving through the yoga flow and the core emotions together has been so, so healing. I feel like I’m moving the energy out of my mind and body. I’m able to transition from work to home in a way I never could before. 


Thank you for your work.


Just wanted to say that the Connection Codes have been TRANSFORMATIONAL for my marriage. We just recently went through something very very hard and the Lord definitely placed the Connection Codes in our path so thank you for the hard work you are all doing.

We’ve experienced a deeper marriage in the last month than we have in the 5 years we’ve been married. Amazing.  

Our Team

The Connection Codes grew out of the 30-year marriage of Dr Glenn & Phyllis Hill. They were living in pain and tension. They were so determined to change, that Glenn went back to school to become a LMFT and Clinical Sexologist.

But it was studying emotions, and Phyllis asking the right questions, that helped them discover what was the true source of their disconnect. They spent years testing and proving their theories then crafted the Connection Codes.

They have now helped thousands of couples in over 50 countries discover the tool that leads to deep connection. 



Lead Therapist

Dr Glenn Hill

Dr Glenn is our resident genius. He does all of our research, data, and analysing. 

He also works one on one with couples and indviduals to transform their lives from the inside out using the Connection Codes tools. 

His favorite hobbies include playing poker, trying new wine, and can be seen walking laps during team meetings to ensure he gets his steps in. 


Co- Founder,


Phyllis Hill

Phyllis is the curious thinker of the group. In fact, she is the one who put this all together. 

She coaches along side Glenn in private sessions and brings a personal touch to the team.

Her hobbies are holding grandbabies, going to the movies with Glenn & her daughters, and gardening. She is always ready to love on those around her. If you meet her, you will certainly feel that.




Tera Wages

Tera is the business mind thinking in strategy and community building. She came on the team and is bringing Dr Glenn & Phyllis' dream to life. You can hear her on the podcast or see her on stage sharing the business side of using the Connection Codes.

Her favorite activities are controlling the chaos of 4 young kids, going on walks, and traveling with her husband- 30 countries so far! 

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