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Win a FREE
Foundations eCourse
provided by Marriage Lab!

If you are ready to gain tools and skills that will unlock a new way of communication in your marriage- the Foundations Course is for you!

With decades of research, Dr Glenn and Phyllis have discovered what causes couples to connect.


What does that mean? It means ending the cycle of miscommunication, going to bed at peace with each other, and experiencing the relationship we all dream of.

Thousands of people are already utilizing this skills and seeing incredible results. We want you to join in to experience a life of deep connection.

Couple in a Kitchen
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Winner will be notified on
April 25th!

"Our first ten years of marriage were spent building an organization. One day, we looked at each other and realized - all we talk about is work, kids and logistics! 

Dr. Glenn and Phyllis taught us that identity is at the core of deep human connections and it all starts with sharing core emotions and learning how to truly make each other feel heard." 

                                  - Scott and Victoria Harrison

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