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Late Night 101

a masterclass in sex and intimacy

This is a class to help couples to have freedom in their sex lives, end obligation sex and create a connection that will lead to fireworks in the bedroom ... or out of the bedroom. We like that, too.

What does the late night masterclass teach to spice up your sex life?





Thinking of sex logistically often distracts us from the main problem.

We must feel completely safe being vulnerable with each other in order to feel safe sexually.

In this course, we dive into the emotions that affect YOUR sexual relationship and how you can create safety that will lead to dynamic sex.

Often times, couples think they are broken because they aren't enjoying sex.


We talk about anatomy and arousal patterns to help you better understand what you may be missing sexually.

We offer tangible tips for creating a setting that will help you cut out the noise of life plus ideas on what to do to help get you "in the mood."

We share our own stories and offer freedom for you to create yours. This course is about removing the judgement many individuals feel in their sex life.

It offers freedom to experience what you were designed to enjoy.

While the Connection Codes Foundation course secured the foundation of our relationship, Late Night Masterclass gave us permission to dive deep, expand boundaries and question everything we believed about sex. 


Dr Glenn & Phyllis created such a sex positive space that it provided us language and encouragement to move beyond the maintenance mode and really go after our desire to play, expand & intentionally pursue growth in our sexual connection. 


No regrets here! We keep coming back for refreshers or maybe it’s the reminder of community that we aren’t the only ones going after an unapologetically hot sex life in a world that offers plenty of distorted views on marriage and the sex relationship.

-Krissi Greene


You deserve fireworks.

You deserve to feel desired.

You deserve intimacy. 

Dr Glenn & Phyllis Hill



We know your pain all too well...

We FOUGHT constantly and would give each other the SILENT treatment all. the. time.

We were hopeless but KNEW there had to be a better way. 

Glenn went back to school and became a marriage & family therapist and a Doctor of Sexology. He spent over a decade researching human connection.

What caused us to fight so much?

This is where the Connection Codes were birthed. We found the source of the fight. We flipped it upside down. And now, we have helped thousands end the cycle, communicate better and grow in their intimacy with each other.

Out of our pain, a new way of life began for us and now for thousands of other couples all over the globe.

Meet your instructors:

Dr Glenn & Phyllis Hill

What does it look like to experience a dynamic sexual relationship?

Experience orgasms that release hormones leading to great sleep and joy

Gain confidence in yourself- which carries over to other areas of life

Gain and give identity to each other creating safety in your relationship

Have FUN in the bedroom creating an atmosphere built on two people enjoying learning each other together

I went three years without experiencing orgasm-- then had 3 within one week of Late Nights.

I haven't had sex out of obligation now in almost 2 years. This has been a life changer.
-Tera Wages

This is the intro course to sex you have needed your entire relationship.

This is the course all couples should take before they ever walk down the aisle.

Because sex can be difficult.

Which means sex can be disconnecting.

And, disconnect leads to arguments and pain.

Many couples already have decades of pain from their sexual relationship.

We are here to help couples halt the cycle of pain. We know it isn't too soon-- and it isn't too late to create a new foundation. We have seen couple after couple say that (while they wish they had it sooner) they are so glad to have it now.

Late Night is the intro course to sexual connection.

We say it is intro because we view marriage as a ladder. You have your sexual connection building on emotional connection--- and you keep going up from there.

Unfortunately, couples everywhere think they can jump over the first few steps, or they don't see them at all... and they just continually fall off the ladder.

This course is about taking you to the next step after becoming emotionally connected.

We strongly encourage all couples to read our book or take our Foundations Course prior to taking late night. 

This course is for any couple who:

feels safe in their relationship but still disconnects over sex

wants to level up

wants to understand more about their body and experience orgasms

feel like they or their partner is unhappy in their sex life

It was designed for you.


Late Night brought to light areas of weakness in our sex life that had been there from day one and had effects on us that were extensive and far reaching such as sex always being physically painful. We could work through it but it was always there. There were things we just simply could not do. And even the initiation of sex became a point of fear for both of us. 


Because we were already experiencing freedom in our emotional intimacy, this led to freedom in our ability to be truly vulnerable with each other about our sex life. We actually had the safety to be completely real and completely true. Completely authentic. 


Within one week of starting the Late Night webinar, we had breakthrough in our sex life and for the first time in our marriage the physical pain was gone. We were able to connect sexually completely without any fear of pain. It became total joy and total freedom. We could never have imagined the freedom that was possible for us. 

-The Armstrong's

Late Night Course Summer 2021

WHAT's inside:

WHAT's inside:

module one

Intro to Late Nights--

all about Sexuality.

What does sexuality even mean to you? We bet that it probably means something different to your partner. 

This module we look at the challenging parts of sex and acknowledge the sexual damage you may have experienced to this point.

module two

Foundations Protocols 

A quick foundations review in regards to our sex life. How do those lessons play out in our sexual relationship?

How are we gaining or losing identity sexually?

module three

The ABCs of Sex

This lesson is about the foundation of sex. What are we bringing into our bedroom that is keeping us from connecting sexually or allowing our bodies to be receptive of pleasure.

Find out 4 things to pay attention to that will change how you view your sex life

module four

Sexual differences

If you ever get frustrated at how often you are sexually turned on compared to your partner-- or the different amount of time it takes each of you to experience orgasm- this module is for you. 

We break down the male experience compared to the female and talk about how to help the two meet.

module five

Sexual Friendship

This is the mindset shift you need to connect like you never have before. 

So many couples are viewing sex through a distorted lens. This module shifts our way of thinking to help us understand how to create a space you both can enjoy.

module six


Learn your sexual brakes and accelerators. What gets you in the mood & what is halting you from having the desire?

This module we talk about exploring your bodies to see what you enjoy.

This module is all about taking the judgement out and creating an experience just for you.

module seven



There are endless opportunities to get started experimenting with sex.


This module is all about trying new things and sharing your fantasies to gain new ideas and insight to what you desire.

module eight



Creating a community of people who support your marriage. 


This is about taking what you are doing now and asking yourself what you can add to it to take it up a notch.

module nine



This is the module that ties it all together. Take your exploration, experimentation, and expansion to create the entire experience.


This is the module that reveals the big picture of what you are wanting sexually.

After 20 years of marriage,

the Connection Codes have been life changing!

We love the freedom we’ve found to connect deeply.

We’ve been given renewed hope

to have an incredible marriage.

                                                                                                     -Laura Pimentel

Erectile Disfunction

A billion dollar industry.

A fear for most men.

A struggle that is incredibly common but not often discussed.

We break down the most common cause and how to work through it.


Don't forget about 

Body Image

We recognize that both men and women experience body image issues at different times in their relationship.

This leads to fear, shame, sadness... which can ultimately lead to loneliness.

We want to recognize and discuss how to approach body image so you can feel confident and connected.

Low Lobido

We all have sexual brakes and accelorators, this bonus dives deep into discovering what those look like for you. And how to work together to recognize when a brake is coming so you can support the acceloration.

Pain in Sex

It actually fires us up that women are more often taught that sex is painful the first time than men are taught how to treat a woman's body.

We are just told to have sex, and the pain is expected.

We are here to give you tips to rewire your brain to signal sex as a pleasure experience and not a pain experience.

Anatomical Structure

This video is all about the female body for orgasm. It is all about the female organs used for pleasure... where they are actually located. And what exactly is the G-spot?

Build your menu

We go into more detail about how to build out your menu.


This is all about sharing fantasies and creating a list to keep things fresh and exciting for you both. 


Sex isn't a band-aid for your marriage.

And while you may be thinking- sex is what we fight over the most!

The truth is-- your sex life isn't what you want because you haven't emotionally connected OR you don't have the knowledge on how to create pleasure in your relationship... yet.

So you are stuck in a cycle.

If you currently don't feel heard, or understood by your partner, we are giving the option to purchase both our Foundations and our Late Night Masterclass at the same time. 

Foundations is the key to gaining emotional connection.

We encourage ALL couples to take it before diving into Late Night.

Sexual intimacy
cannot happen without
emotional intimacy... 

What you can expect...

Today only


  • Late Night
  • 4 week group coaching
  • 20 minute Lightning session with Dr Glenn

One time $347
(or 4 payments of $99)

When you enroll TODAY, you will get your log-in to your private member portal. 

This is where you and your partner will go through each module, and work through the experience assignments together.

Most nights you will have your experience complete in less than 30 minutes. That is shorter than your favorite sitcom. So you will still have plenty of time to unwind...

This course is the equivalent of 12 therapy sessions with Dr Glenn & Phyllis... and for a fraction of the cost.

Don't wait for another fight. This opportunity won't last long.


Or 3 months of $99


Man carrying young woman on his shoulders, looking to camera.jpg

Or 5 months of $135



You've got questions?

We've got answers.

Our issue is sex... not emotions.
Do I really need Foundations first?

Couples tend to think the initially because you are looking at your arguments logistically. And know that while the logistics of sex may be something you need extra direction with, we know that you will cannot experience a dynamic sexual connection without an emotional one. Taking the Foundations Masterclass gives you the foundation (hence the name...) of safety so you can have the sex life you desire. 

We highly encourage any couple planning to go through Late Nights to do the Foundations class first. If you go into Late Nights without being emotionally safe- you will do more damage.

Our promise:


We are dedicated to the mission of helping couples around the world live connected. If you complete the course to 100% completion and decide the Connection Codes isn't offering the support you need. We will give you a full refund within 30 days of completion.

We know implementing these tools takes time. And we hope you choose to practice daily to see the completely transformation.

We went from having consistent arguments (that took hours to recover from) to working through our disagreements quickly.

Truthfully, I had NO IDEA the impact the Connection Codes would have on my life when we first took it,
we had been in traditional therapy, read books, and spent time learning about each other's personality.

BUT nothing has impacted our relationship more than the Connection Codes.

I feel more confident and more at peace because I have never felt more seen by my husband. 

- Kalan W.

This offer is limited.
Doors will close soon.
Don't put off the connection you desire.

Or 3 months of $99



Or 5 months of $135



You need this. You deserve this. Let's do this.


Disclaimer: If you are currently in a relationship experiencing sexual, physical, or emotional abuse please seek help. This course is not designed to help a couple who isn't healthy and safe with each other.

Please seek help because you are worth it.

We also encourage couples with sexual trauma to consider having a coach work with them through their growth process. It is especially important that you have taken Foundations and are able to process your emotions with each other.

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